Richard Carpenter’s video thanking Keeravani moved ‘Naatu Naatu’ composer to tears

Richard Carpenter'S Video Thanking Keeravani Moved 'Naatu Naatu' Composer To Tears

Hyderabad, March 16

Eminent filmmaker S.S. Rajmouli has said that music director M. M. Keeravani couldn't control tears on seeing the surprise gift from well-known American musician Richard Carpenter of the famous pop duo.

The "RRR" director told Carpenter that during the entire Oscar campaign, Keeravani maintained his calm and composure. Calling Keeravani his brother, Rajmouli said he displayed no emotions before or after winning the Oscar award.

"Sir, throughout this Oscar campaign my brother maintained a calm composure. Whether it is before winning or after he didn't let his emotions out. But the moment he saw this, he couldn't control the tears rolling down his cheeks...most memorable moment for our family... thank you so much," wrote Rajamouli on Instagram in his comments on the video posted by Carpenter to thank Keeravani.

Reacting to Carpenter's post, the "RRR" music director stated that tears were rolling out of joy. "This is something I didn't expect at all. Tears rolling out of joy. Most wonderful gift from the universe," Keeravani wrote.

While receiving Oscar for "Naatu Naatu" song, Keeravani had said that he grew up listening the songs of the Carpenters. He also sang Carpenter's popular 'On Top of the World' in his own style.

Reacting to this, Carpenter had posted a message on Instagram, congratulating Keeravani and lyricist Chandrabose.

He also posted a video of the song 'On top of the world' which he sung with his daughters.


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