‘Padmini’ producer lashes out at Kunchako Boban for not joining promo


Chennai, July 15 (IANS) The producer of ‘Padmini’, Suvin Varkey, has come out strongly against Malayalam actor Kunchako Boban for not participating in the promotion of the movie.

In a statement, Suvin Varkey said "Thank you all for embracing PADMINI TO YOUR HEARTS. We are overwhemled with all the positive responses and reviews."

Varkey, however, said that there were a few things to answer in response to the questions asked about the lack of promotion of the movie.

The producer said that ‘Padmini’ was a profitable affair for them, adding that whatever the Box Officer numbers are, the film was profitable.

He also thanked the production team of Senna, Sreeraj and the entire crew which wrapped up the movie seven days ahead of its schedule.

However, the producer said that  for a filmmaker and content creator, it’s the theatre response that matters and that's where the team needed the charm of stardom from its lead actor to get the more footfalls in theatres.

The producer said, "For Padmini, the lead actor (Kunchacko Boban), who took home Rs 2.5 crore, gave zero TV interviews, participated in zero TV programmes/promotions."

He further aid that the entire promotion plan and chart of the programmes were rejected because the marketing consultant who was appointed by the actor's wife made a verdict watching the raw footage of the movie. It's the same thing what happened to the last 2-3 producers of his movies.

The producer said that  someone has to talk and here they were.

He said, "This won't happen to a movie where this actor is a co-producer. He will sit through every TV interview and will be a guest in every TV show, but when it's an external producer, he cares the least. Because for him, it’s more fun to be in Europe chilling with friends than promoting the film for which he took home Rs 2.5 crore for 25 days of shoot.”

Varkey added: "In a state where the exibitors protest for movies not getting enough run, it matters why movies are not getting proper recognition.

"Actors also have the responsibility to market the product they get involved in. Out of the 200+ movies released in a year, you have to attract the audience to watch your movie. This is showbiz and your existence is based on the audience verdict. Don't take the viewers for granted."

Signing off, the producer sarcastically said, "Special thanks to the producer friends who fought in the producer association in favour of the actor.”


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