• Ben Wallace to quit as UK Defence Secretary

    London, July 16 UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has reportedly said that he will step down at the next Cabinet reshuffle after four years in the job. Wallace, who has played a key role in the UK's response to the Ukraine war, told the Sunday Times he would not stand ...
  • Intense exercise may help keep Parkinson’s disease at bay

    London, July 16 Intensive exercise could slow the course of Parkinson's disease, suggests a study, which could pave the way for new non-drug approaches. The study, published in the journal Science Advances, identified a new mechanism responsible for the positive effects of exercise on brain plasticity. It showed that exercise ...
  • Indian-origin man handed suspended sentence for attacking UK teen

    London, July 15 The UK police have released a picture of an Indian-origin man in England who stalked and attacked his former girlfriend in 2021 as she boarded a bus in a bid to get away from him. Dylan Singh, 23, got on the same bus before following the teenage ...
  • Two teens jailed for life in UK for murdering fellow Indian

    London, July 14 Two Indian-origin teenagers have been jailed for 34 years for fatally stabbing a 16-year-old boy in an "unbelievably callous and shocking case" of mistaken identity in the West Midlands region of England last year. Ronan Kanda died on the spot after he was attacked by Prabjeet Veadhesa ...
  • New Sikh temple in Leicester opens its doors for worshippers

    London, July 12 Bringing cheer to the Sikh community in the UK, a new gurdwara has opened its doors for up to 900 worshippers in Leicester. The 4.2 million-pound Gurdwara Sahib, which was originally located on Meynell Road, is now built on a 2.8 acre site in Hamilton, Leicester, to ...
  • Scientists to make painkillers from paper waste instead of crude oil

    London, July 11 Common drugs such as paracetamol and ibuprofen can now be made from a compound found in pine trees, which is also a waste product from the paper industry, instead of crude oil products, according to a study. Common pharmaceuticals are manufactured using chemical precursors derived from crude ...
  • First Hindu temple to come up in UK’s Oxford city

    London, July 10 The city council in Oxford in central southern England has approved plans to convert changing rooms at a derelict sports pavilion into a Hindu temple and a community centre, a media report said. The Oxford Hindu Temple Project will transform the football changing rooms located at Court ...
  • Members of UK Parliament urge PM Modi to protect endangered Asian elephants

    New Delhi, July 9 British MP Henry Smith, along with more than 85 other parliament members, including those from the House of Lords and House Commons, and renowned celebrities, are urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take all possible steps to protect endangered Asian elephants and control man-animal conflict in ...
  • Over 40% of UK universities probing students for cheating via ChatGPT

    London, July 9 More than 40 per cent of UK universities are investigating students for using AI chatbots like ChatGPT to cheat in their examinations, a report has said. According to The Tab, about 48 institutions have investigated at least one student since December 2022 for using ChatGPT in their ...
  • Bullied British-Indian employee gets over 2.3 mn pounds from Royal Mail

    London, July 8 The UK's Royal Mail has awarded over 2.3 million pounds (approx Rs 24 crore) in compensation to a British-Indian former employee who was bullied and intimidated for blowing the whistle on potential fraud relating to bonuses. Kam Jhuti, a media specialist, was harassed by her boss Mike ...