The advice of Sadaa: Don’t force connections, choose solitude


Chennai, Nov 12

Actress Sadaa, who was among the top actresses of the Tamil and Telugu film industries a while ago, has said that it is better to remain alone than try to be close to those that don't like you.

Taking to Instagram, the actress penned a lengthy post on the topic.

She wrote: "Why is it that most of us are scared of losing people from our lives, even if that means being stuck in friendships/relationships that are either dead or toxic or are retained only for benefits?"

"What we fail to understand (is that) people are nothing but energies, and if you don't get good vibes, even if it's from someone who was once very close to you, then it's in the best interest of your own energy to cut the chord with them and move on."

"When you know you have given it your all, but it still doesn't feel good or right within, then it's time to listen to your gut and choose yourself over a relationship that's sucking you out of your energy. After all, you only have yourself till the end of your life. People come and go!"

"Don't clutter your life with people, trying to be close to those that don't like you or the ones you don't like. By being people's pleaser and pretending to be nice to someone whom you actually can't stand or someone who doesn't mean well for you, you are only harming yourself."

"Once in a while, it's good to sit back and clean our lives of 'people' clutter for our emotional well-being, just the way we clean our space of things that no longer serve us.

"Life is too short to be wasted on wrong energies. Better to choose solitude instead of forced connections!"


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