Shark Tank India 2: Namita Thapar had given up hope of conceiving after two failed IVF attempts

Shark Tank India 2: Namita Thapar Had Given Up Hope Of Conceiving After Two Failed Ivf Attempts

Mumbai, March 4

'Shark Tank India 2' judge Namita Thapar recalled how she suffered two failed attempts at IVF during her second pregnancy. She said that it was easier for her to conceive the first time, but she had to put in the extra effort the second time as things did not work out for her.

She shared: "When I was 28 years old, I wanted to get pregnant and in two months I conceived and had a normal pregnancy. After that, I tried to conceive for 3 to 4 years and failed. I still remember going through two infertility treatments and 25 injections. Apart from it, there was also an emotional and physical trauma that I went through."

Namita shared that she was disappointed that she decided to give up all attempts and just be happy with one child. However, she conceived naturally after a few months but couldn't come out of trauma for several months.

"After two failed attempts I gave up and said that I am happy with one child. But then a miracle happened and I conceived naturally but the memory stayed with me, and for 10 years I couldn't talk about it publicly. It was very tough for me to share it with anyone."

"I felt it was taboo. Just six months ago, I had to discuss the topic of infertility on my YouTube channel and I couldn't sleep the entire night as to whether I would be able to share my personal experience or not," she said.

Further adding: "Many of my well-wishers told me, it's my personal life, why should I discuss it? However, I decided to share what I have gone through with others. In fact, I wrote about it in my book as well," she wrapped up the conversation.

'Shark Tank India 2' is judged by Anupam Mittal (Founder and CEO of - People Group), Aman Gupta (Co-Founder and CMO of boAt), Peyush Bansal (Founder and CEO of, Namita Thapar (Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals), and Vineeta Singh (Co-Founder and CEO of SUGAR Cosmetics), and Amit Jain (CEO and Co-founder of CarDekho Group and

'Shark Tank India 2' airs on Sony Entertainment Television.


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