Rashami Desai all set for a Diwali blast, despite her gluten-free diet

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New Delhi, Oct 24

The festival of lights has become more special after the pandemic. The same goes for TV actress Rashami Desai, who is looking forward to the festivities and to celebrating Diwali with her relatives, whom she is meeting after a long time.

Talking about her Diwali plans and how she is going to make them different from past years, Rashami said: "I come from a Hindu family. So, my Diwali plans are pretty clear. I will be celebrating the festival with my family, and we have a lot of puja at home, and this time it will be no different. Besides, I look forward to meeting my relatives."

"Also, I'm going to do a lot of photoshoots with my family as it's the perfect time for it with everyone staying in the same place which is so rare these days."

She told IANS about how the Diwali celebrations will be different than it was during the pandemic: "Covid-19 was altogether a different experience. Lots of unwanted things happened. But now that those days are over, I look forward to times like Diwali."

"I understand people have their own schedules and some will remain busy even during the Diwali nights. I think that's fine. I'm just happy for myself because I'll be spending time with my family after a long time."

About the style statement, Rashami added: "Nowadays I prefer comfort over the heavy dressing. So, at best I'll keep my dressing style minimal because I want to dance, travel, and enjoy the festival without having to worry about my dress a lot."

On the kind of delicacies she would love to enjoy, the 'Naagin 4' actress said: "I love Diwali delicacies, but I tend to avoid having much due to disciplined and gluten-free eating habits which are important for my body. However, I don't think I will be able to resist Kaju Katli. I mean who can resist them, right."

She concludes with a message for her fans: "I want everyone to practice a safe and healthy Diwali. Take care of their surroundings. Especially, our pets and street animals who are the most vulnerable to the firecrackers. Other than that, I wish everyone a great and prosperous happy Diwali."


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