Ranveer Singh accused of driving a luxury car with expired registration

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Mumbai, Oct 18

Bollywood livewire star Ranveer Singh, who was recently seen driving a bright blue luxurious Aston Martin at the Mumbai airport, was accused of using expired registration on social media.

A video of Ranveer driving his favourite luxury car went viral as an online user accused the actor of driving when his licence expired. The user even went on to mention the Mumbai police in his tweet and tagged them.

The user wrote: "Mumbai Police, Please take strict action on Ranveer Singh. Insurance Failed car he drove yesterday!!" The date on Ranveer's licence plate, according to the photo circulated on social media, is June 28, 2020.

The Mumbai Police replied to the user that they had notified the Mumbai Traffic police. However, the actor has not commented.

According to media reports, Ranveer's fans started trolling the user, who made the complaint as the traffic police got the details. Upon learning that the expired licence news was wrong, the user deleted his tweet and apologised to the actor on micro-blogging.


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