Night sky makes me feel small in a beautiful, hopeful way: Ritika Singh

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Chennai, Oct 21

Actress Ritika Singh, who shot to the limelight with director Sudha Kongara's Tamil film on boxing, 'Irudhi Suttru' ('Saala Khadoos' in Hindi), says that looking at the night sky makes her feel small in a very beautiful and hopeful way. The actress recently took to Instagram to say that she was trying her hand at writing and that she was posting something that she had written just that instant.

She said, "Just a little something I wrote just now. I have a few notes like this saved in my drafts, but I don't feel confident enough to post them. This one is going up only because I was finally able to summarise my thoughts about the sky full of stars. Hope you like reading it!"

Her post read, "I love looking up at the night sky and letting my thoughts flow. But with the flow comes a lot of chaos and my thoughts start wandering in all directions.

"And yet, even in all that randomness, I somehow find a little clarity and I find myself getting one step closer to the answer that I'm always looking for, which is 'Why am I here? What is my true purpose? What is the meaning of all this?'

"When it's time to get going and walk away from the sky, I am still just as clueless. But there is always a smile on my face and I feel a little more content with myself. I feel at peace. I feel settled.

"I think it's because the expanse of the sky makes me feel small in a very beautiful and hopeful way. The sheer vastness of it, makes me realise how small and insignificant some of my problems are.

"And how I make them so big in my head and get so consumed by them that I fail to look at the expanse and scope of my own canvas, which is just like the sky, laid out so beautifully in front of me.

"And that gives me the push to keep holding on to my paintbrush and letting it flow. To let go a little. And trust that with time and experience, I will slowly learn how to exercise some control over my course so I can redirect it when I find myself going astray.

"There will be times when I feel disheartened because my paintings might look dull and grey. But so does the night sky. And yet, I always find so much beauty in it. I need to look at myself and my life with the same eyes and appreciate the beauty of its existence. I need to keep the larger picture in mind and not get disheartened when I lose some battles along the way.

"Because life is bigger than these wins and losses. And every time I find myself getting too caught up in these thoughts again, I will be on my way back out to the night sky, looking up at the stars as I continue to seek the answer to my never-ending questions."


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