‘Ishq ka Rang Safed’ actress Snehal Rai on losing 15 kilos in two months


Mumbai, April 9

Snehal Rai who has been a part of several TV shows such as 'Ishq Ka Rang Safed', 'Icchapyari Naagin', 'Vish', and many more, spoke about losing 15 kg weight in two months and shared tips for fitness and healthy lifestyle.

Snehal said: "I consider my body as my temple. I strongly believe that overeating is an addiction that can be as dangerous as smoking or consuming alcohol."

She emphasises that these unhealthy habits can lead to severe health issues, and therefore, it is important to be mindful of what we eat.

She added that for her, being beautiful means being fit and healthy, regardless of one's weight.

"I believe that taking care of one's body is a form of worship, and I take pride in every inch of my body. My commitment to maintaining my health and fitness reflects my dedication to leading a healthy lifestyle."

The actress said that she never takes criticism of her body weight or looks in a negative way, rather she takes it as motivation to stay fit and healthy.

"I have always learned to use the taunts and negative comments as motivation to work harder and prove my critics wrong. My strong determination and self-belief have helped me overcome challenges and stay focused on my goal of losing 15kgs in 2 months and I'm very much thankful to my trainer Raj sir for guiding me in this journey," she concluded.


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