Daniel Craig found it tough to master southern US accent in ‘Glass Onion’


Los Angeles, Aug 28

After parking his Aston Martin permanently in the 'James Bond' garage, Hollywood star Daniel Craig is gearing up for his upcoming movie 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery' in which he has got a brand new murder-mystery to solve as Benoit Blanc, reports Empire magazine. The film is Rian Johnson's hugely anticipated not-exactly-a-sequel to 'Knives Out'.

According to Empire, for Craig, the real challenge was slipping into Blanc's Kentucky-fried tones - a surprise and a delight in the first film, but one that could easily tip over into caricature if not carefully calibrated.

"I went away to work with an accent coach for three or four months before we started shooting (Glass Onion)", Craig told Empire. "I'd forgotten the accent and I didn't want to do a pastiche. I wanted to make it as grounded and as anchored in reality as possible."

With the first film, the director and his leading man caught everyone off-guard -- with Blanc's wild Southern American accent, with the film's unexpected and unconventional twists on the whodunnit formula, and with the wit and agility of its sharp social commentary.

If it was hard enough to pull off the first time, it also set the bar very high for Benoit Blanc's second case.


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