Best-selling author, podcast guru Jay Shetty turns global talent scout

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Los Angeles, Feb 9

UK-born Indian bestselling author of 'Think Like A Monk', podcast host, social media sensation, life coach and former Hare Krishna monk Jay Shetty is expanding his media footprint, now launching a talent agency, 'Variety' has learned exclusively.

Shetty, whose health and wellness podcast 'On Purpose' has featured the likes of Alicia Keys, Khloe Kardashian and Kobe Bryant, is said to have been downloaded more than 300 million times, but he has also been accused of plagiarism, which has made him get careful about attribution of quotes. Shetty now lives in California after spending four years as a Hare Krishna monk in India.

His second book, '8 Rules of Love: How to Find It, Keep It and Let It Go', has become an instant 'New York Times' best-seller after being released last week.

Along with his partners Rula Zaabri, Brittany Louks and Blaire Zierke, Shetty has announced the formation of House of 1212, a full-service, purpose-driven talent agency that will represent creators, thought leaders and innovators who are impacting positive change, according to 'Variety'.

Shetty will serve as co-founder and partner of House of 1212; Zaabri as founder and CEO; Louks as co-founder and president; and Zierke as co-founder and head of operations. Zaabri was previously Shetty's chief of staff, overseeing business initiatives and managing his day-to-day operations.

The name of the agency '1212' is derived from numerology. It is known as an angel number, which symbolises abundance, organisation and harmony with prosperity, growth and enlightenment centered at its core, 'Variety' notes.


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