Anshu Srivastava worked in a detective agency before she started acting


Mumbai, Jan 22

'Aashiqana 2' actress Anshu Srivastava spoke about working in a detective agency before starting her acting career in Mumbai.

Anshu said: "It is expensive to live in a city like Mumbai and that, too, when you are struggling. When I shifted to Mumbai, I didn't have any source of income because I didn't have a job. Initially, I was doing modelling, but after that, I was so clueless about entering his industry and it was a little difficult for me to manage my expenses, so I decided to do a private job."

"I gave interviews and got selected for a job in a detective agency. My job was to interact with the clients. I took up the job but deep inside I wasn't happy and satisfied because doing this wasn't my aim," she added.

Anshu was a part of Bollywood movies like 'Raksha Bandhan' and 'Is she Raju'. She has also worked in shows like 'Vidya', 'Kuldeepak', and 'Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2'.

When asked about what led Anshu to quit her job, she replied: "I worked for almost 2.5 years but each day I felt like 'why am I doing this? So, one day, everything changed and I decided to quit my job. It was my birthday when I met some people from the industry and they advised me to do theatre. I was unhappy while doing the job and that was the moment when I thought of quitting my job and trying my best to live my dream."

However, the actress said that now she is satisfied and happy with her profession and is enjoying being part of the entertainment industry.

"The road to the destination may have been a long one, but I am in a happy space right now. I am glad that I decided to quit my job and achieve my goal. Initially, people go through rejections and I, too, have been through many. But one has to keep oneself motivated and have self-belief," she concluded.


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