80% diet, 20% workout: Rashami Desai shares her fitness regime


New Delhi, Nov 8

Popular TV actress Rashami Desai often posts images or videos of herself working out and inspiring her fans to do the same. Best known for her presence on 'Bigg Boss 13', Rashami sat down to discuss her fitness regime and diet schedule.

Sharing her fitness mantra, Rashami said: "My fitness regime is 80 per cent my diet and 20 per cent workouts since my work doesn't allow me to workout as I used to before. I constantly watch my diet and my body. When you have control over your mind regarding what you consume, it keeps you fit, and workout gives you the motivation to stay positive."

The 'Uttaran' actress tells IANS that the best physical exercise anyone should follow for having a healthy combination of body and mind is Surya Namaskar.

"I feel Surya Namaskar is the best exercise for anyone, and even 10 minutes of it are enough with 30 minutes of walking."

Despite following a strict diet, Rashami also prefers to cheat on her diet plan and try out all her favourite meals without thinking much about the fat intake.

Answering to what she loves gorging on when on a cheat day, she said: "My go-to cheat food is pani puri because I absolutely love it. I also indulge in pav bhaji and pasta, pizzas and many delicious sweets when I'm on a cheat day."


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