Why are committed partners seeking extramarital affairs?


New Delhi, April 1

India has a rich cultural heritage, and for years, marriages have been considered sacred without much emphasis on what constitutes a happy marriage. However, the reality is that committed partners are increasingly seeking extramarital affairs due to various complex and interrelated reasons.

A survey conducted by Gleeden in collaboration with IPSOS gives us a deeper look into the top reasons for infidelity in India and the evolved relationship dynamics that they are witnessing today.

Physical attraction toward the other person

This is the most common reason for infidelity. Many people cheat on their partners because they are physically attracted to someone else. According to Gleeden's survey, people's private events and parties were the most common occasions for committing infidelity at 26 per cent while social media stood next at 25 per cent, and infidelity committed on dating apps for singles amounted to 19 per cent. This shows that it is easier for people to feel attracted to someone in a social setting and succumb to temptation.

Lack of attention from the official partner

When partners feel ignored, unappreciated, or unloved, they may seek attention and affection elsewhere. This is especially true when there are communication breakdowns in the relationship. The survey highlights that a lack of emotional support was cited as the second most common reason for infidelity and 57 per cent of responders affirmed having been unfaithful to their partner at least once out of which 45 per cent of cheating occurs during the first year of a relationship.


Sometimes people cheat on their partners because they develop strong emotional connections with someone else. This can happen when people share common interests or deeply connect with someone. 44 percent of respondents in the survey believe it's possible to be in love with two people at the same time. This indicates that emotional infidelity is a common phenomenon.

Desire to spark a new romance

Monogamy can be challenging, and some people feel the need to experience the thrill of a new romance. According to the Gleeden survey, 37 per cent of respondents think it's possible to cheat on a partner and still be in love with them, indicating that some people cheat simply for the excitement of a new relationship.

Lack of sexual satisfaction

Sexual dissatisfaction can be a significant driver of infidelity and this holds especially true since 41 per cent declare that even after having regular sex, they are not to be fully satisfied and 55 per cent fancy being intimate with someone other than their partners. When people feel sexually unfulfilled in their relationships, there is a common tendency that may seek physical intimacy elsewhere.

Other motivations include the desire to engage in physical contact with the person they like, the need to demonstrate their continued seductiveness, and the desire to exact vengeance on an unfaithful partner. It's important to remember that these causes of adultery are complicated, and many of them may be connected to one another.


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