UK Ministers say Sunak may attend COP27 summit in Egypt

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London, Oct 31

Rishi Sunak could make a U-turn by going to the COP27 climate summit in Egypt, media reported. The UK Prime Minister is reconsidering after sparking a backlash by saying he would be too busy assembling the crucial Budget package in the coming weeks.

His predecessor Boris Johnson is considering going to the meeting in Egypt next month, causing anxiety in No10 about Sunak being outflanked, Daily Mail reported.

Environment minister Mark Spencer said this morning he would like to see Sunak join the gathering 'if he's got time'.

"I think the Prime Minister has a huge inbox. He's come into the office, he's got an inbox which is full to the brim. Clearly, he wants to concentrate on the financial statement, and that's what he's doing," he told Sky News.

"But if he's able to get throughů all of that, you know, COP is very important. It's very important to the Government; it's important to our future, so we'll send out senior ministers, but that's yet to be decided who's going to go."

Asked if he would like to see Sunak attend the summit, he said: "If he's got time. Only he will know what he's got in his inbox and in his diary if he has the time, but he'll make that call, and I'm sure it'll be the right one."

Allies of Rishi Sunak told the Financial Times his priority was 'first and foremost' domestic issues, but he may also go to the meeting in Egypt.

A source said whether he goes 'depends on progress' tackling the economic crisis and drawing up the Autumn Statement on November 17.


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