Twitter rolls out update to better identify ‘low quality’ Community Notes

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California, Nov 29

Twitter has rolled out an algorithm update that identifies more low-quality Community Notes, which will result in the suspension of contributor status for those who write unhelpful annotations to provide further clarification and context on tweets.

Twitter said that those users will have to earn back their "contributor" status, as Elon Musk promotes community-based moderation as the future of the company.

The algorithm update will help more low-quality notes get identified, more contributors who consistently write low-quality notes have their writing ability locked (and have to earn it back), and contributor helpfulness scores improve with more scoring data, said the company.

"One of the contributors' top frustrations is seeing and rating low-quality notes. We just rolled out an algorithm update that identifies more low-quality notes - saving contributors time and improving the average quality of notes (and note writers)," the company said in a tweet thread.

The latest update will better identify and lock out more contributors who aren't writing helpful content.

"Contributors can write notes that propose context to be added to a Tweet. Or they can write notes explaining to other contributors why a Tweet isn't misleading, and therefore, shouldn't have context added to it," said the micro-blogging platform.

Twitter VP of product, Keith Coleman, clarified in a tweet that "low-quality" notes are rated as such if a "wide range of people" agree that a particular note is not helpful.

"This prevents one-sided outcomes," Coleman said.


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