Ruling BJP allows use of loud speakers in 10,889 mosques in K’taka


Bengaluru, Oct 22

Ruling BJP government in Karnataka has granted permission to 10,889 mosques in the state to use loud speakers on Saturday. The police department has issued licence as per guidelines in this regard on the directions of the state government. A total of 17,850 applications were submitted from mosques, temples and churches for the use of loud speakers. Three thousand Hindu temples and 1,400 churches have also been given permission for the same.

The licence has been given for the period of two years. The government has collected Rs 450 as the fee.

Ruling BJP government took the decision on licensing after Hindu activists raised the banner of revolt against mosques using loud speakers during performing Ajaan violating the Supreme Court guidelines. Hindu organisations had given call to play chants of Hindu Gods and Goddesses from 5 a.m.

Muslim organisations had given a call to the managements of mosques across the state not to violate the rules and follow orders of the state government in obtaining licence to play loud speakers.

The guidelines have also been prescribed for use of loud speakers for mosques, temples and churches. The loud speakers could only be played between 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The loud speakers will have to be played in accordance with the limit of decibels. It has been made compulsory to adopt the equipment which controls the decibels.


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