Researchers unveil 3D-printed house made from bio-based materials


San Francisco, Nov 24

Researchers from the US-based university have unveiled BioHome3D, the first 3D-printed house made entirely with bio-based materials. The University of Maine's Advanced Structures and Composites Center (ASCC) has created this first 3D-printed home, according to an official report.

The 600-square-foot prototype has 3D-printed floors, walls, and a roof made of wood fibres and bio-resins.

The house is completely recyclable and highly insulated, with 100 per cent wood insulation and customisable R-values, said the report.

The US, and particularly Maine, are facing a crisis-level shortage of affordable housing.

According to a US report, there is a need for more than 7 million affordable housing units nationally.

"Our state is facing the perfect storm of a housing crisis and labour shortage, but the University of Maine is stepping up once again to show that we can address these serious challenges with trademark Maine ingenuity," said Janet Mills, Governor of Maine.

The technology was intended to address labour shortages and supply chain issues that were driving high costs and limiting the availability of affordable housing, as per the report.

Because of the use of automated manufacturing and off-site production, less time will be required on-site for building and fitting out the home.

Moreover, future low-income homes can be customised to meet a homeowner's space, energy efficiency, and aesthetic preferences using advanced manufacturing processes and materials developed at UMaine, the report added.

The prototype was created with the world's largest polymer 3D printer, which was also used to create the world's largest 3D-printed boat in 2019.


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