National Equestrian Championship gets underway at Amateur Riders’ Club in Mumbai

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Mumbai, Feb 22

Amateur Riders' Club on Wednesday announced the beginning of the National Equestrian Championship (NEC) Preliminary Dressage competition.

The event takes place in two categories --Team Preliminary Dressage and Individual Preliminary Dressage -- under the aegis of the International Federation for Equestrian (FEI) and the Equestrian Federation of India (EFI).

In the Individual NEC Preliminary Dressage Event on opening day, Navyashree Sai, riding on her pony 'Abra kadabra', bagged the top position with a 70 per cent score. Riding on his horse 'Sir Lancelot', Moksh Kothari placed second place with 68 per cent and Rajaram Dhewa secured the third position with a score of 68 per cent with his horse Kenwood.

"Very thrilled to have won the title. I'm currently getting to know my horse Abra Kadabra better, and so glad things are going well for us toward a great partnership. This was the nicest way to start the year, and I'm really looking forward to the future with my horse!" Navyashree said after the win.

In the Team NEC Preliminary Dressage, Team EIRC/ARC secured the top position as Geethika Teikkishetty scored 67 percent while riding on her horse 'Valentine'. Uttara Parthasarathy scored 61 percent, riding on Hobo. Niharika Singhania recorded 62 percent with Sir Lancelot. Navyashree Sai scored 70 percent.

Team ART/ARC took second place with Yashaan Khambatta scoring 66 percent riding on 'Biscaya'. Hav Biswajit Kundu scored 61 percent while riding on Voltair, Rajaram Dhewa scored 68 percent while riding on 'Kenwood' and NK Punjraj Singh scored 62 percent with Rudra.

In the Individual NEC Preliminary Dressage, players participated individually, and in the Team NEC Preliminary Dressage, players participated in teams of 4, and a total of 4 teams participated in the event.

In the Team preliminary dressage, the result is calculated by adding all four players' percentages, and the team with the highest percentage wins.


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