Musk begins fasting to stay healthy, did Dorsey advice him?

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San Francisco, Aug 29

In an update to his eccentric food habits, tech billionaire Elon Musk said he feels healthier after fasting periodically, which he says has been adviced by a good friend and netizens are wondering if it may be former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. On the microblogging site, the Tesla CEO said: "On the advice of a good friend, I have been fasting periodically and feel healthier.

"From time to time, I will share some things that seem to be working for me, in case you find it helpful," Musk added.

While replying to Musk, a user quipped if he is Dorsey as he has previously admitted that he only eats seven meals a week.

"Is that friend Jack Dorsey? He is big on the fasting trend. I find it ironic the things Americans do, first-world problems. Meanwhile, we send money to those permanently and unwillingly on a fasting diet because there isn't any food."

When asked how much weight he has lost, Musk replied: "Over 20 lbs down from my (unhealthy) peak weight."

Some years ago, while speaking in an episode of 'The Joe Rogan Experience' podcast, Musk said he likes eating "tasty food" and wishes he could do without exercise.

However, he had also mentioned that he "lifts some weights".

Meanwhile, in 2020, Dorsey revealed that he eats seven meals a week, just dinner.

Dorsey, who follows Vipassana meditation and intermittent fasting, had previously charted out his food chart for dinner, which includes fish, chicken or steak, and "a lot of greens".


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