Mac and Windows users now have access to Google One VPN


San Francisco, Nov 10

Google has announced a virtual private network service called VPN by Google One for Windows and Mac devices, which was earlier available for Android and iPhone devices.

All Google One subscribers with Premium plans will have access to VPN by Google One on their desktop.

This means that if a user purchases a 2TB or higher plan, then VPN by Google One will be added automatically and without any additional charge.

Google says the desktop version of its VPN will be available in the same markets where it is currently available on Android and iOS, i.e., the desktop version of the VPN can be installed in 22 countries, reports Android Authority.

"We remain committed to a high degree of transparency and verifiability of our privacy and security guarantees. We have recently completed an extension of this audit to cover the desktop implementations for Windows and macOS," the company was quoted as saying.

Users can directly download the Mac and Windows apps for the VPN, by selecting Benefits > VPN protection for multiple devices > and Download the app on the Google One website.

Google One subscribers can share their plan and the VPN services with up to five family members at no extra cost, so they can all use the VPN across Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac devices, said the report.


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