Local Muslims welcome Amarnath pilgrims with open arms


Srinagar, July 3

The massive security arrangements notwithstanding, this year's Amarnath Yatris are being welcomed with open arms by J&K's Muslims who are facilitating the smooth conduct of the pilgrimage at every step.

One such example is these two friends who have erected a big hoarding at the very entry into the Valley, that reads: "If Kashi (Varanasi) is Lord Shiva's Nagri (City), Kashmir Valley is Lord Shiva's Himalayan home."

With this heartening message, two local Muslims have been welcoming the pilgrims of Amarnath Yatra 2022.

Javed Beigh, who has been the PRO of a former J&K Chief Minister and who proudly claims to stand for Sufism, Rishiism and anti-casteism and his friend, Asif Mir, who runs NGO 'The Human Race' have been welcoming the Amarnath Yatris.

The welcome hoarding, set up by these two friends, also says: "Bham Bham Bhole", to remind the Yatris that for the local Muslims to welcome their Hindu brethren is an honour.

Beigh, in a tweet, said: "My dear friend Asif Mir running NGO called "The Human Race" and I, welcomed our beloved guests (Amarnath Yatris), arriving from different parts of our country outside Navyug tunnel at Qazigund, south Kashmir with roses."


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