LinkedIn expands its live audio feature for creators


San Francisco, June 9

With an aim to empower creators, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is expanding its Clubhouse-style live audio feature. The company, which first launched live audio events in January, will now open up hosting capabilities to all creators.

With the update, all LinkedIn creators who use the platform's "creator mode" will be able to host live audio events so long as they stay in line with the platform's "community policies of being a trustworthy, safe, and professional provider of content," reports Engadget.

Though event hosting is currently limited to creators, any LinkedIn user is able to participate in the chats, the report said.

Similar to Clubhouse, creators on LinkedIn can schedule their audio events in advance and share the upcoming talks with their network.

The company said creators are already using audio features to expand their professional networks, connect with potential clients and reach new followers.

Video-centric live events are also in the works, though LinkedIn has not given an update on when that will launch.

The expansion comes as LinkedIn has significantly ramped up its efforts to become a more creator-centric platform, the report said.

The company said more than 10 million people are using the site's creator mode, nearly double the 5.5 million who were using it in March, it added.


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