LinkedIn introduces ‘collaborative articles’ empowered by AI to boost engagement and drive traffic

Linkedin Introduces 'Collaborative Articles' Empowered By Ai To Boost Engagement And Drive Traffic

San Francisco, March 5

Professional networking platform LinkedIn has introduced a new feature called -- "collaborative articles", which will use "AI-powered conversation starters" to begin discussions between "experts" on the platform.

The company will match articles with relevant members based on its skills graph, inviting them to contribute context, extra information, and advice for the articles reported The Verge.

Moreover, the company believes that the system will make it easier for people to contribute their perspectives because "starting a conversation is harder than joining one".

People can respond to the experts' contributions with an "insightful" reaction.

"The bodies of the articles are powered by AI, based on prompts created by and constantly refined by the company's editorial team," LinkedIn spokesperson Suzi Owens, was quoted as saying.

Further, the report said that the professional networking platform has chosen a "select group of experts" to contribute to the articles, saying that doing so could help boost its reputation and grow its following.

The articles also include a note in which readers can request access to contribute by liking or reacting to this article.

Last month, LinkedIn announced the "Focused Inbox" feature for a better messaging experience on the platform.

The improved LinkedIn messaging experience will make it easier for members around the globe to find and respond to the messages that matter most, said the company.


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