Indian diaspora in UK to hold car rally in support of BJP


London, Nov 26

The Indian diaspora in the Uinted Kingdom has decided to hold a car rally on Sunday in support of the BJP and to show solidarity with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

"We want to show our love and support for the BJP and Narendra Modi for the upcoming elections in Gujarat," one of the organisers said.

The rally will be organised in London on Sunday. Hirdesh Gupta, one of the organisers, said that they thought a car rally would be ideal due to the unpredictable weather in the UK.

"It will be a symbolic rally to send a loud massage to the people of Gujarat to vote for the BJP. We want to show our support and unity and send a clear message to the families in Gujarat that we stand in support of Modi and encourage everyone to vote for betterment, hence vote for BJP. Gujarat became the most progressive and developed state after BJP came to power there," Gupta said.


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