Gujarat reports a 500% spike in burn cases on Diwali


Ahmedabad, Oct 25

The Emergency Medical Services data on Tuesday stated that there was a 500 per cent spike in burn cases across Gujarat on Diwali and the physical assault incidents witnessed an increase of 112 per cent.

According to the medical services data analysis, Gujarat reports an average of six burn cases, but on Monday (Diwali day), 30 calls were received. It is a 500 per cent jump from the normal days. At least eight burn cases were reported from Ahmedabad, which was the highest on the day in the state.

The press release issued by the services also noted that the physical assault cases were 257, 112 per cent higher than the normal day case number of at least 121. On Diwali day, 188 persons fell from different heights, which was also an 8.05 per cent increase. At least 42 persons fell from buildings in Ahmedabad city and 24 in Surat.

There was a 200 per cent increase in sexual assault cases. Nine women faced sexual assault on Diwali day, as against the three per day usually reported.

There was a drop in drowning cases, electrocution, and crush injuries. But, injury due to animal attacks increased by 18 per cent from 16 cases to 19 cases.


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