Get ready for the much awaited date night on Valentine’s Day


New Delhi, Feb 13

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, so if you have a special date lined up, be sure to look your best. "Getting ready for a date" may sound like simple grooming and dress selections for Valentine's Day, but there are many more things that are involved. With a few tips and tricks from, you can look your best whether it's your first date night or you've been planning date nights with that special someone for years by ITC Engage.

Choosing a perfect outfit

Many people will advise you to dress to impress your date. Scratch that. Instead, you need to dress to be confident and comfortable. Choose an outfit in which you will feel relaxed or at ease while sitting, walking, or dancing. Men can opt for a well-fitted smart-casual outfit, that allows them to appear sophisticated without going over the top. Feeling true to your sense of style, women can pull together a dressy look by sporting a classic black or red dress, perfect for this romantic night.

Smell to impress

There is no better way to start a date than by wearing an alluring fragrance that gets noticed. When choosing a date night fragrance, go for something that helps you make a long-lasting impression. Amber Hues for men is a perfect fragrance for intense nights. Its fruite, fougere and ambery notes will lift up your entire look, making you feel ready for the special occasion. For women, the Fantasia is a, a provocative, warm, and oriental fragrance for the night. Apply to all of your pulse points, including your wrists, neck, and behind the ears. Just don't overdo it, a gentle mist will engulf your body, making you smell great and feel fabulous throughout the date night.

Picking the right footwear

Once you've chosen your outfit, it's time to strap on comfortable footwear. The styling options are seemingly endless but you should never forget about comfort when selecting your date night footwear because wearing shoes that don't feel good will affect your experience. Contrary, to the popular belief of choosing the tallest heels, the night is about combining sophistication with comfort that can express your true personality. A smart pair of brogues for men, while comfortable wedges or strappy flats for women will totally complete the look.

Nailing the perfect makeup look

Makeup has no rules and no gender. While wearing makeup that makes you feel good and confident is the best beauty tip, for date night women can totally amp up their look with bold lips, colourful shadows and highlighted cheekbones. And men can simply use a BB/CC cream to achieve a soft tint on their natural but healthy complexion.

Accessorise it right

Complete your date night look with eye-catching pieces and fun accessories to catch your date's eye. Everything makes a subtle statement in completing your look, be it the subtle jewellery, classy watch, or a bag you carry.


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