G20 delegates mesmerised by unparalleled showcase of Assam’s diverse culture and hospitality


New Delhi, Feb 7

Recently, a group of over 100 international leaders and delegates from 20 different nations who were in India for the G20 summit travelled to Assam and crossed the great Brahmaputra river to take in the state's rich history and colourful culture. An evening filled with culture and tradition was perfectly hosted by the Assam Tourism Department.

The delegates were transported to Sandbar Island in a gorgeously adorned boat, where they were given a warm greeting by 700 island residents performing the traditional Gayan-Bayan, Bihu dance, Siphung, and other folk dances. At the ethnic village, which was expressly created to showcase the ethnic diversity of the state, they also had the opportunity to experience the vibrant tribes of Assam firsthand.

The ethnic hamlet offered a view of the several Assamese tribes, including the Mishing, Bodo, Dimasa, Karbi, Rabha, and Hajong, along with six different folk-dance performances and the local drums (Doba, Mridanga, Xonkho, and Bhortal). The G20 delegates also witnessed a performance of the centuries-old traditional dance "Sattriya", which was developed by the vaishnavite saint and social reformer Srimanta Shankardev in the 15th century.

"Cultural diplomacy is a unique way to pursue economic benefits into the state and boost tourism. We are hopeful that the G20 delegates visit in Guwahati was unique and our efforts to enthrall the delegates with the rich and vibrant performances besides presenting the culinary traditions of the state get them connected with the roots and regional flavour of Awesome Assam," said Kumar Padmapani Bora (IRS), Managing Director, Assam Tourism Development Cooperation.

The delegates truly experienced Awesome Assam in their 3 day meet in Guwahati.

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