Etihad Airways teams up with Emirati Chef for Contemporary Iftar meals

Etihad Airways Teams Up With Emirati Chef For Contemporary Iftar Meals

New Delhi, March 26

The national airline of the UAE, Etihad Airways, is all set to welcome travellers with a specifically crafted inflight menu during the holy month of Ramzan. Once more working with Emirati Chef Khaled Alsaadi, Etihad's culinary design team is reimagining popular Ramadan dishes by combining traditional Emirati recipes with modern cooking methods and regional components.

Turky Alhammadi, Head of Product and Hospitality, at Etihad Airways said, "Our continued collaboration with Chef Khaled brings together his culinary skills with a distinctively modern take on local dishes, working hand in hand with our culinary design team. We hope that our guests will enjoy this specially curated menu during their flight in the holy month. We look forward to hosting our guests and encourage everyone travelling with Etihad to savour these Ramadan specials."

Iftar meals will be served onboard in addition to Etihad's regular hot meal service, and guests will be treated to dishes like Saffron curry crusted seabream, Lamb shank with black lime jus, Lentil soup, Chaami and beetroot salad, Machboos chicken ciabatta sandwich, Aseeda cheesecake, Saffron pot de creme with Batheeta crumble, and more.

Chef Khaled Alsaadi said, "It was an absolute pleasure to work again with Etihad's culinary design team, the unique collaboration allowed me to present modern Emirati dishes to international guests travelling on board the UAE's national carrier. Travellers during Ramadan, long for a nourishing iftar meal, and I wanted to bring the essence of Emirati cuisine to Etihad's travellers to taste local flavours and leave a lasting impression on their taste buds."

The Etihad Ramzan experience begins in the airport bars in Abu Dhabi, which will also offer special Ramadan foods and drinks as well as prayer spaces.

Visitors will be able to replicate Etihad's distinctive inflight meals at home by accessing a selection of bespoke recipes online or by scanning QR codes located at the foot of the onboard menu. On particular flights that align with iftar times, Etihad's Ramadan menu will be accessible to guests in every cabin. Flights to and from the Gulf nations and flights for Umrah parties visiting Jeddah during Ramadan are included in this.


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