Documents signed by Steve Jobs, other tech honchos to be up for auction


San Francisco, July 22

A number of documents signed by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs and other tech pioneers, as well as additional collectible Apple memorabilia, are set to hit the auction block later in July. The items were collected over the years by Charles Mann, creator of the educational Powersharing Series and the person who recorded audio of early NeXT computer meetings.

They are being included in a new "Apple, Jobs, and Computer Hardware" lot soon to go up for auction, reports AppleInsider.

Although the lot includes computer manuals and an Apple Newton MessagePad, some of the more unique memorabilia are a series of documents, releases, and other slips of paper signed by Jobs, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and many others.

Those documents include release forms signed by a slew of various technology pioneers who participated in the Powersharing Series, which was a set of talks and education sessions recorded on audio at the Boston Computer Society.

Some pioneers whose signatures are represented include Bill Gates, Esther Dyson, Pixar co-founder Alvy Ray Smith, former Apple CEO John Sculley, and former Apple design team member Bill Atkinson.

The Jobs document has an estimated auction price of $12,000 and a starting bid of $1,000. A release form signed by Wozniak starts at $200.


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