British-Indian cop found guilty of threatening woman driver

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London, Dec 2

An Indian-origin Metropolitan Police officer has been found guilty of displaying "rude and aggressive" behaviour towards a woman driver in a road rage incident in London.

Trainee Detective Constable Ajitpal Lotay, who is attached to the South East Command Unit, appeared before the Westminster Magistrates' Court on Wednesday.

He was charged with an offence under Section 4A of the Public Order Act for threatening, abusing or displaying insulting behaviour.

In an incident that took place in February 2022, Lotay became involved in an altercation with a lone woman driver in Wandsworth, London.

During the exchange, he produced his warrant card and demanded she moves her car.

Irked by his actions and thinking that he may be a "bogus", the woman took a photo of Lotay and his vehicle and reported him to the police, the Metropolitan Police said in a statement.

In June, Lotay was stopped driving the same vehicle.

He was interviewed under caution and was later charged.

"Lotay's behaviour was utterly wrong. He identified himself as an officer and was rude and aggressive to the female driver, who was so concerned about his behaviour that she reported it thinking he may be bogus," Chief Superintendent Trevor Lawry, from the South East Command Unit, said.

"The Met is driven by the values of professionalism, integrity, courage and compassion. We only want the best and will always act when our employees fall below the exemplary standards we and the public expect," Lawry said.

The Met's Directorate of Professional Standards is aware of the incident, and Lotay has been placed on restricted duties, the statement read.

Lotay will now be subjected to a misconduct hearing now that the criminal proceedings have concluded.


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